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  • The Most successful school in the country and some of the highest standards in the world, with links into Team England.
  • The most experienced Instructors in the country, with high level Martial Arts Instructor Qualifications, First Aid, Child Protections, Health & Safety, Equality in Sport, Exercise Physiology, Sport Physiology, Referee and Examiners qualifications.
  • The widest rang of age-specific Martial Arts programmes in the country, covering a wide rang of life skills and safety skills in addition to self defence and fitness training.
  • The most choice in one place, with more than ten different disciplines available, including Kick boxing , Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Martial Gymnastics and a wide variety of demonstration and traditional Weapons (including knife defence.)
  • Value for money, guaranteed. Our standards and practices, including class structure, syllabus, grading system and prices, are all monitored, regulated and regularly assessed by the GB Martial Arts Association. The Academies
  • Represent the pinnacle of Martial Arts training and instruction in this country.

Our Competitors

For those of you with a more competitive edge, Croydon Martial Arts offer direct access into the one of the country’s most successful competitive kickboxing teams, Hands Down Predators and  PredatorsX forms team.

We regulary attend national and  International Kickboxing competitions including WAKO’s, WKU, ISKA, CIMAC Worlds, The Won, Top Ten British Championships, you can be sure of an experienced team to realise your competitive kickboxing goals and asprirations.

If you are interested in competing, then this is the place to be! No one has had more success in the Sport Martial Arts than our Academies, bringing home over 25 World Titles. Our primary objective is to share our training methods and continue to produce quality multiple World champions.

Quality Assured
Value Guaranteed

One of the main things that set the Academies apart from amateur Martial Arts clubs is their wide range of Martial Arts programmes.

These programmes have all been specially designed to cater for specific age groups and ability levels, so you can rest assured that whether the programme is for yourself or one of your children, every class will be structured and taught to suit the needs of every individual present.

This means that anyone can train, no matter what their level of expertise, while ensuring that nobody is held back or left behind. Learn at your own pace.