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Certified Instructors Course (CIT)

The Certified Instructors Training programme develops students from within the Academy to become Nationaly Recognised Instructors. The course length is 2- 4 years depending on the level of the student enrolling onto the programme. The programme educates CIT students to teach and run an Academy of their own. Students will receive intensive Martial Arts instruction and will have the option of enrolling onto the brand new

EDEXCEL approved Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Martial Arts Instruction and Combat Sports Club Coaching! 

CIT Students learn a range of Martial Arts skills to a mastery level. Students will develop and learn how to teach others to the professional standards of the Croydon Martial Arts Academy.  CIT students essentialy learn two side of the Martial Arts industry:



  • Teaching, instruction and personal tuition
  • Business management

The Martial Arts industry in the UK is growing at an incredible rate and will soon match The United States of America, who have developed their Martial Arts industry into a multi-billion dollar industry. The United Kingdom has begun showing the early signs of repeating such successes and we want to ensure that our Academy continues to grow with the industry.

We teach essential business knowledge to our CIT students, using the Academy’s training centre to help CIT students to acquire basic IT skills which are essential in running a modern Academy. Students will also learn core interpersonal skills such as: 

  • Speech, conversing with students and potential students, telephone speech training, script and role play.
  • Body language, professionalism, none offensive and authorities
  • Listing, analysing information, and choosing correct response.

To find out more, please contact us at The Academy 020 8686 5420

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