Ladies Combat Fitness

Ladies Combat Fitness

with Britain's finest Martial Arts Academies

Ladies Combat Fitness

HIT training (High Intensity Training) strengthening, conditioning, flexibility, stretching, pad work, weight control are all part of normal combat training. Plus lots & lots of fun.

Run by multiple Kickboxing instructor, qualified personal trainer & multiple World Champion Kickboxer Miss Roxy- Lee Carbery ….. book a free trial & get involved

Ladies Combat Fitness

Combat Fitness for ladies only – Training with a twist

Who is it for? Croydon combat fitness is open to all levels of fitness

Would you…….?

  • Like to get as fit as a Martial Artist, Kickboxer, Boxer, MMA fighter without the contact and sparring?
  • Like to work-out in a ladies only environment?
  • Like to add some self-defense to your workout?
  • Like to meet new like-minded people?
  • Like to have fun?

Now you can, get all the training of professional combat sports women to achieve your fitness goals, run by Multiple World & British champion Kick boxer, Personal trainer and Kickboxing instructor Miss Roxy-Lee Carbery.

She understands what it takes to train at a high level to achieve competitive success

Whether it’s weight loss or weight gain, build self-confidence, self-defense skills, overall on going fitness or simply getting in shape & toning for a holiday or special event our combat fitness program is for you.

It’s open to every level of fitness from total beginner, regular exerciser or involved in your own sport I.E. Ladies Tennis, netball, volleyball, football, boxing, kickboxing, MMA or any other sport, our Combat Fitness program is sure to give you that  extra edge.

What is Combat Fitness?

For the professional female kick boxers, MMA fighters or boxers who compete on the biggest stage for the biggest prizes, they take a lot of punishment during their bouts.  For the sane types who like their noses just the way they are, the payoff with this type of combat fitness training are well being, aesthetics and confidence sprinkled with a great sense of achievement.

It’s a total-body workout, so you’ll expend more calories during your time in the Dojo. Plus, our training involves the recruitment of both slow- and fast-twitch muscle fibers—slow-twitch for the constant motion of your feet and hands and fast-twitch for quick movements such as punches and slips. Because fast-twitch muscle fibers have the greatest potential for growth, most people will notice a marked increase in overall lean muscle, which in turn helps burn more body fat.

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Education Director Rodney Corn says a 200-pound athlete (91kg) will burn roughly 455 calories per hour working the heavy bag and 720 calories per hour sparring pad work. But the combination of activities, addition of plyometric work and other fast-paced conditioning can easily send that number soaring (based on time spent training).

“For conditioning, it’s a great workout, and you get to learn something along the way. It’s an ideal way to get in shape and stay in shape. With the way our instructors uses new techniques, there’s always something exciting and different to learn

Croydon Combat Fitness is based at our 4,000 SQFT training centre in central Croydon. Specifically designed for combat training with focus pads, punch bags medicine balls, free weights and a huge 1200 SQFT matted training area.

What are the benefits?

We all know that exercise and a regular healthy diet is good for all of us, that’s why you’re here reading this page, right?

We could list the endless benefits such as weight loss / gain, more energy, great skin and so on but all of that means nothing if it’s short lived.

The real benefit is your determination to succeed with the inner belief in yourself regardless of any hurdles put before you. To lose or gain your healthy weight, have more energy, have great skin are all a bonus to your determination to succeed in your personal goals. Ultimately this can have a positive impact on you and your families well being as a whole.

From a competitive sport point of view it could be winning a World Title, winning the ladies tennis tournament, wanting to cross the line first in a marathon or simply crossing the line in a marathon.

How do I get involved?

Click our ‘book a free trial’ tab at the top of the page and register your FREE trial and we’ll get back to you with confirmation