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It’s always important to hear what others have to say about their experience with Croydon Martial Arts Academy. Here are a few testimonials from our members.


Both my children aged 10 and 5 attend classes at Croydon Martial Arts and looking back I am so glad that I made the decision to get them involved in Martial arts. They both have grown in confidence, are more active and have made new friendships. A major plus in my decision to choose Croydon Martial Arts over other clubs is the way the club makes you feel welcome. The instructors are friendly and approachable and as a parent you couldnt ask for more.

- luke

Croydon Martial Arts Academy have given me whole a new view on the way I look at life. All the instructors have there unique teaching styles but seem to deliver the same quality and depth of teaching that makes for a fun and easy learning class for me and my children. The kids can’t wait to come each week and we’ve found the kids come back knackered but always want more. If you’ve ever considered Martial Arts then this is it I’m in for life!!!!!!! As Bruse Lee said “flow like water”‎ maps.google.com

- marcuskum

Been training at croydon martial arts for 8 months now and its already made an impact on my life. I was surprised by the high level training they do in kung fu (lau gar) as well as kickboxing. What i liked most was that they gave me a free trial class so i was not obligated to become a member if i didnt want to. great atmosphere and good instructors. being in the centre of  croydon its at an easy and conviniant location. if your looking for somewhere to train in martial arts GBMAA Croydon (Croydon Martial Arts  Academy) is the place to be.

- Daniel