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 Thank you for visiting the official Croydon Martial Arts Academy website, the best place for Martial Arts and Kickboxing in and around Croydon. 

 The Great Britain Martial Arts Academies provide the most professional, the most fun and, importantly, the safest Martial Arts training environment in the country. Our modern adaptation of traditional teaching techniques provides a unique experience unlike anything you will have experienced before.

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 With separate programmes which cater for everyone from absolute beginners to World Champions (Michael "Venom" Page) and prices starting from as little as £35 a month, we can guarantee that you won't find anywhere better to be.

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Our vision is for Martial Arts to receive the high profile, professional status it deserves. As one of the most popular sports in the country, we believe that Martial Arts should receive the same respect and coverage as other mainstream sports. Despite unrivaled competitive success, the GBMAA believes that it has only scratched the surface of the potential talent that Great Britain holds for Martial Arts. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive, age-specific Marital Arts training programs available on the market today. We are committed to establishing measurable results physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. We are also dedicated to providing every student with the most positive training atmosphere possible, along with the most professional service of any Martial Arts school, anywhere in Great Britain.

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