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Resistance Training

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    Weighted vests are great for increasing speed, stamina and cardio.

    • Made up of heavy duty fabric with inner padding.
    • Weights are in the pockets at front & back, all weights are removable and adjustable.


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    • Helps in defensive & short pace training and improves agility, balance and coordination between you and your teammate.
    • Adjustable nylon waist belts connected by nylon rope


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    • Training Harness for developing strength & power.
    • Includes: Strong nylon harness with padded shoulder straps which attaches to 10ft long nylon rope with foam covered handle


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    £16.66 - £20.83

    Training Aid to improve your kicks and increase speed techniques. Available in 3 strengths, junior, powerline and for extra resistance the Ultimate.

    Try the powerbuild harness for use with a partner.

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    The ultimate stretch machine ideal for those seeking maximum stretch in minimum time. Versatility is built in to accomodate stretchers from beginner level to the elite competitor or serious athlete.

    – Stretches to 190 with degree indicator
    – Quick release lever

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    The Versaflex 2.0 has a larger, redesigned back for added support. The Versaflex is ideal for the person seeking maximum stretch in minimum time. The Century Versaflex combines heavy duty steel construction with performance technology, for superior stretching results. Versatility is built in to accommodate stretchers from beginner level all the way to the elite competitor, or serious athlete. One year limited warranty. Some assembly required.