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    £2.92 - £17.50

    Our basic teeth & gum protector to cover upper and lower teeth.

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    £20.83 - £20.83

    New range of gumshields packed in dispensers of 10. Great for your pro-shop & easier to carry around for your satellite schools. Sizes: Adult , Junior.

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    £2.08 - £2.08

    Basic Gumshields sold as singles – supplied with case.

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    Clinch Gear x Brain Pad Dual Tray Mouth Guard

    This mouth guard and jaw-joint protector has been manufactured by Brain Pad using their patented impact reducing technology. Utilizing a double injection dual arch design, impact forces are absorbed while the “clench and breathe” technology enhances breathing.


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    Make your own dental impression with the kit provided (full instructions are given)
    – Send to Opro, who will make your own personal mouthguard
    – Your personal mouthguard (with your name or club name on it) should arrive within ten working days
    – An opro bronze mouthguard is provided free for you to use while you wait for your personal mouthguard to be made
    – Not suitable if you have bridgework, fixed braces or loose teeth. Suitable for those aged 10 and over

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    £13.33 - £13.33

    Specifically designed for wearers of fixed braces.
    The tough outer shell provides superior protection while the OPROorthofins and unique inner channel ensure the best retention (fit) of any self-fit orthodontic mouthguard in the world.