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Chest Protection

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    £6.66 - £12.46

    Cool Guard Chest Protection Bra Inserts.

    Cool Guard Inserts To fit inside the Cool Guard Sports Bra.
    Available in two grades of protection.

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    £18.29 - £18.29

    Cool Guard Sports Bra & protective Cups. Made from Tactel/Lycra for the best comfort & performance.
    Double thickness pockets provide easy insertion of carefully shaped plastic inserts whilst wearing the Cool Guard Bra.
    CE approved.

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    £19.16 - £19.16

    Econoguard Sports Chest Protector

    Reduce risks in your chosen sport: Breasts, ribs and sternum are all covered with this flexible but strong polyethylene guard. Virtually unbreakable, it is held firmly in place with adjustable elastic straps.

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    £33.33 - £33.33

    Specifically for the ATA.

    Macho ATA Sport Chestguard offers great protection for body strikes and fits well for freedom of movement.

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    £17.50 - £17.50

    Maxi Guard Sports Bra.


    The leading chest guard for active sports women.
    Ideal for martial arts, Soccer, Fencing and Hockey etc.

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    £24.99 - £24.99

    Sports bra from Scramble, suitable for MMA, BJJ and grappling in both training and competition.