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Foot Pads

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    £32.49 - £32.49

    Get optimal coverage during partner training with Drive Cross Training Kicks. Featuring a durable polyurethane construction with inner foam for impact absorption, these kicks fit securely with a wrapping hook-and-loop strap.

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    £20.83 - £20.83


    • Offers full coverage for your foot and ankle
    • Includes hook and loop closure on an elastic criss-cross strap


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    £24.16 - £24.16

    Kids Generation Top Ten Kicks

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    £22.49 - £22.49

    Specifically for the ATA.

    Macho Dyna Kick

    Macho’s Top selling semi contact kick, sold throughout the world, Patented laceless design, radial reinforcements at stress points. Bottom vinyl straps for secure fit. Very lightweight for easy movement.

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    Finally, a sports shoe deodouriser that actually works!

    Sports shoe deodouriser – Neutralises bad smells – Absorbs moisture – Kills germs and helps prevent infection Most shoe doeodourisers only mask the smell – No Stink removes moisture and kills bacteria leaving your shoes fresh and dry.


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    £33.33 - £33.33

    TOP TEN FIGHT Kicks, padding is made of super shock absorbent Bayfill to protect against instep and ankle injuries.

    Covered in durable Rexion artificial leather