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    £20.83 - £20.83

    Show the best version of you, equipped with the Venum Fusion Top bra.

    The Venum Fusion Top is designed to help you maximize your athletic performance while providing you with support during any type of exercise.

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    The Venum “Light” focus mitts are perfect for working hand elbow strikes.

    Ultra-lightweight, the Venum “Light” focus mitts allow an in-depht and improved work on the striking technique and strike velocity.

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    £70.83 - £70.83

    The Venum Punch Mitts Cellular 2.0 prides its high density foam design, providing protection and comfort for the athlete and trainer.

    The Venum Punch Mitts are skillfully handmade in Thailand. With a unique cellular coating for a nonslip feature and curved palm design, allows the mitt to produce a perfect pop with every punch.


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    £37.49 - £37.49

    The Venum Challenger 2.0 Gloves are the best choice of fight gear for all fighters on any level!

    Designed in Thailand, home of the finest quality fight gear, brings you the most perfect pair of gloves at an affordable price.


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    £41.66 - £41.66

    Head into bigger and better challenges with our Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear.

    Made in Thailand with 100% Skintex leather, brings you the most perfect head gear protection at an affordable price.

    The ultra-lightweight headgear made with Skintex Leather, improves better head movement and visibility of your opponent.

    The high quality design, offers full-range protection of all angles, protecting the most sensitive areas of the head: temples, chin, and cheek.


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    £33.33 - £39.16

    Go for sporty style wherever you’re headed with this Venum “Origins” Bag. This brand new bag features a durable skintex leather exterior with contrast-color piping and a bold logo detail. A top zip closure secures your goods, while dual handles provide carrying convenience to the Venum “Origins” Bag.